2021NIKKE:The Goddess of Victory - GStar 2021 Trailer

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[NIKKE:The Goddess of Victory]  

G-Star 2021 Teaser Promotion Video

모든게 지워져
처음으로 돌아간
이 어두운 밤에

익숙해진 슬픔에
내뱉은 후회를
몇번이고 삼키는 오늘

부서질 것만 같은 어둠 속
조용히 흔들린 나의 작은 의지를

나 살아남아 기억할 이 마음을
나 바라고 또 지켜낼 차가운 진실을
I still pray, I still believe, knowing that it's a false hope
I'll stay and never leave I'll fight my own fate

  • Song Title : 「Second Grade」
  • Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by Muwen (ESTIMATE)
  • Vocal & Chorus by U32
  • Guitar by Jungmato
  • Bass by euPhemia
  • Movie Directed & Edited by PaXim (ESTIMATE)

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