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#데스티니차일드 #패뷸러스플러스 신곡  

 「Nostalgia」 by Fabulous+ 

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📀 New Single of 'Destiny Child' Idol Group

   [ Song Credit ]

  • Lyrics written by ESTi, 최영경
  • Composed by ESTi
  • Arranged by seibin, TAK

  • Vocal Directed by ESTi
  • Background Vocals by 최영경 @ESTIMATE Studio
  • Keyboard Performed by ESTi, seibin (ESTIMATE), TAK
  • Guitar Performed and Mixed by seibin @ESTIMATE Studio
  • Recorded and Mastered by ESTi @ESTIMATE Studio

  • Character Design and Live2D Animated by SHIFT UP Corp.
  • Movie Directed and Edited by LUMINA (ESTIMATE), Gin (ESTIMATE)

  • Fabulous+ Vocals are 조경이, 김연우, 사문영, 장예나, 이소은

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