2020Destiny Child - OST Live Session

Total Entertainment Producing

게임 「데스티니 차일드」 의 서비스 4주년 기념!
데스티니 차일드 의 음악과 영상을 담당하는 #에스티메이트 멤버들이 들려주는 OST 라이브 연주! 

Celebrating the 4th Anniversary of game #DestinyChild, #ESTIMATE members who are in charge of music and video will perform the OST live!


00:00 Destiny Child 4th Anniversary
00:06 Pathos Refrain 
02:24 Power of Glasses 
06:05 Trick or Death
07:42 Ragna Breakers
10:05 ESTIMATE Credits

  • Director & Band Master : seibin (ESTIMATE)
  • Guitar : seibin (ESTIMATE)
  • Keyboard : ESTi, Benicx (ESTIMATE), Muwen (ESTIMATE)
  • Drum : PaXim (ESTIMATE)
  • Accordion : LUMINA (ESTIMATE)
  • Bass : euPhemia (Guest Musician from band 'cotoba')
  • Violin : Jiyeon Alice Park (Guest Musician)
  • Movie Editor : PaXim (ESTIMATE), LUMINA (ESTIMATE)
  • Shooting Assistants : Gin (ESTIMATE), ko.yo (ESTIMATE), HAKMIN (ESTIMATE)
  • Executive Producer : ESTi

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